Dr. Paul Tucker: Dr. Paul Tucker is a Traveling Missionary/Evangelist/Prophet who carries the Gospel of Jesus Christ to many many nations of the world.  Just recently he ministered in China and he reports an “awesome time”.  He ministered in homes, on the streets and in public meetings.  He found the Chinese brethren to be very open, hungry and humble.  They ministered to many with the laying on of hands and prophecy from 10am to 4:00pm in one meeting.  Dr. Paul Tucker is an itinerant Evangelist/Prophet ministering on a worldwide scale traveling to France, South America, Nepal and around the world.  Dr. Paul Tucker will be with us on Wednesday May 4, 2016 at 7:00 PM.

Rev. Brick Cliff: Rev. Brick Cliff is the President of WIN Ministries and Founder of Nation-2-Nation Curriculum (N2N).  He is credentialed and in affiliation with Elim Fellowship.  He is responsible for traveling the world over introducing the Bible Curriculum on DVD for the purpose of training Pastors and those who desire to be trained in ministry.  The curriculum meets with overwhelming spiritual fruit as many are healed, filled with the Holy

Spirit and  saved through this ministry.  It is a very welcomed tool in the hands of Pastors in out of the way places who have no other means for training themselves in leadership and ministry.  It is the ISOM (International School of Ministry) curriculum.  It is available to all even in the U.S. in which you may receive an Associates Degree as it is a recognized degreed curriculum.

Recently they met with the Superintendent of the Church of God in the Dominican Republic who was responsible for planting 300 new churches.  He is responsible for over 1200 Pastors and churches in seven countries and numerous islands in the Caribbean.  Brother Brick is excited because this is a great opportunity for distributing the Bible Curriculum to many new Pastors and infiltrating that Central American country with the Gospel.

On June 13th, Brother Brick met with Pastor Victor Chong from Quito, Ecuador who is leading a team to train 10,000 new church planters each year.  Brother Brick asks us to pray that the filming will go well as these Church Leaders take an active part in filming and teaching and training new Pastors.  What a Great Tool!  Continue to pray for its effectiveness and for safe travel for Brother Brick.  Also remember his daughter Sara who is in China doing missionary work.

Matt & Angela Catinella Living Water Ministry:  Matt and Angela are serving the Lord in Uganda, Africa.  Their ministry has been widely to teens and teaching them to reserve themselves for marriage.  They have opened up a Youth Center and find themselves also ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ in schools and villages.  They have one child and another on the way!  Keep them in your prayers.

Bill and Karen Strong are preparing to go to the Mission Field in Northeastern Africa.  Their goal for support is just about there.  Keep them in your prayers.

Abigayle Ministries is another of our Home Missions Projects.  They minister to young mothers and infants and help these mothers get re-directed in a constructive way of life with the Gospel of Jesus Christ as their basis and foundation.  They are located on 19 Mile Road in Sterling Heights led by the capable Susan Meyer.

Remembering that the Gospel is to the Jew first, Joy Community Church supports on a monthly basis Jewish Voice Ministries International led by Jonathon Bernis.

Elim Fellowship is another of our Home Missions Projects.  Located in Lima, NY, Elim provides credentialing to ministers and seek to encourage and bless Pastors and Leaders to help them equip the church to reach the world for Christ.